Meeting Locations at Logan Airport

Drivers are not permitted to leave the vehicle unattended for any length of time. Your car and driver will be waiting for you at the designated limousine stand for your terminal. If you are unable to locate the limousine stand or your driver please contact Valley Coach at (978)682-5539 for assistance. For pick-ups at Terminal B and C, we ask that you call Valley Coach once you have your luggage. We are limited as to how long we can wait in the limo area.

Logan Airport Pick up Locations
(These are subject to change. Please inquire with our office to confirm current Massport policies.)

Terminal “A”
All Continental and Delta flights except international
-Exit terminal on Lower Level and proceed to Limousine Lot
Terminal “B”
Air Canada, Alaska Air (except international), All American flights (except international), Spirit Air, US Air & US Air Shuttle
-After getting all baggage proceed to the upper level (departure level). Exit terminal and wait for your vehicle by the curbside near the sign that reads “LIMO”
Terminal “C”
Air Tran, Jet Blue, Cape Air, United, and Mid-West
-After getting all baggage exit the terminal on the upper level (departure level) proceed to outer most curbside area.
Terminal “E”
Northwest and all International Flights
-Exit terminal at the ground level. Walk out to the designated limousine parking lot.